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For over 15 years, Jimmy Ng – CatoBuild’s founder, has been at the heart of big corporate projects and as a handy helper at top interior design firm’s contractor, gathering little nuggets of wisdom on making a home truly special. Yet, he always dreamed of helping clients create warm, loving spaces without a big bill attached.

He noticed many people, maybe just like you, have a vision of their perfect home – a place filled with laughter and cherished memories without an expensive renovation cost. By choosing to work directly with us, the actual builders, you can dodge those extra middleman charges, making your dream home more affordable and heartwarming.

That is where CatoBuild’s innovative renovation approach steps in, saving you money and adding joy to your home-making journey. Join us at CatoBuild, where we create more than houses – we build cozy, happy homes that are easy on your wallet and warm your heart.

Zhiping Lim

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CatoBuild delivered my dream renovation without exceeding my budget. The house renovator’s transparent pricing model eliminated unexpected costs, letting me invest in quality where it matters most.

Cato Build’s Snapshot


costs saved with innovative renovation approach


years of experiences in renovation industry

285 ++

projects completed – large, office, residential


in house team with different renovation expertize

The Cato Build’s Assurances

Open Book Policy

We stand by absolute transparency, weaving a journey where every step is shared with you, nurturing trust and collaboration.

Open Book Policy
Budget Wisdom

Budget Wisdom

Your budget isn’t just a number to us; it’s a pledge of value and substance. We vow to stretch every ringgit to its fullest potential, crafting wonders without financial stress.

Craftsmanship Excellence

Our work isn’t just about building homes; it’s about sculpting dreams into reality. Every nook and cranny showcases unparalleled quality and finesse, promising a haven of perfection.

Craftmanship Excellent

Beyond Completion Care

The journey with CatoBuild isn’t clocked by project timelines. Even as we hand over your dream space, our hearts remain open, ready to assist, adjust, and ensure your property blooms exactly as you envisioned.

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